Lost in Translation

As a chef one the resources I widely use is Internet and more specifically the Google search for finding out information about food and recipes. I love the fact that google search gives me more information than I can possibly read and hence have to apply the cognitive brain to filter out unwanted information and take only what is needed.

A word of caution though for people using google for finding recipes; many of those recipes on internet are nor authentic or either correct, so use discretion to select the recipes.

Also, once the recipe is available and I feel it is what I need to make, then at times, I need to translate the recipe into Hindi. I use the Google Translation services for a quick word to word translation. While this service is very nice though it has never failed me to provide my daily dose of laughter and here is why;



When I search for meaning of Hot Dog bread (the long bread used in making Hot Dog Sandwich), Google translates the literal meaning of the words.







And then I search for Buck Wheat (kind of grain) and I again get literal translation of the word.






And, the commonly used Heavy Cream (reduced milk) is literally Heavy according to translation service of Google.




While one can get a good laugh by searching for more words on translation service, I know what the ingredients in English look like and I also know Hindi as a language and hence I am aware that the translation is wrong.

Below are some more examples of what I found out.

But, I am also concerned as a chef as most of the Internet recipes are in English so a non English speaking person will use the translation services and will keep wondering about what ingredient to use in the recipe if such weird translations keep coming up. So, the complexity increases if one has to search recipes on Internet and then translate them too into local languages.



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