Chef Inspirations

100ftJourneyIt’s been a while that I have been waiting to write my first blog and was thinking of the topic to put up as my first blog. After watching the movie “The Hundred Foot Journey”, I felt as if I found my topic. Being a chef in making, I couldn’t ask for a better movie to present my views about the movie to be my first blog.

This not a review of the movie, but my views and my learning from the movie. The main protagonist in the movie is Hassan and he develops this taste for flavor of foods from his childhood. The early influences in this life being his mother, who is one excellent cook inspite of not being formally trained. The twist of fate takes the family into France and the home of best-known French cuisine. The twist is when Hassan’s father decides to open up an Indian restaurant right in front of a Michelin Star French restaurant. The ensuing culinary fight between both restaurants takes some ugly turns and become a racial fight. The owner of the Michelin star restaurant Madame Mallory decides to take first step to patch up. Hassan is injured in a accident and both his hands get burnt so he asks Madame Mallory to cook a omelet with his recipe and she just loves the omelet enough to hire him in his restaurant. Hassan works his Indian touch on the French cuisine and earns another Michelin star for the restaurant. This lets him step into the bigger world of wonderful innovative cuisines. Hassan is excited living his dream but soon feels the loss of inner satisfaction and lost in the world of made up praises and glory. Finally he returns back to his roots and follows his heart to make it big with his flock.

“For me too, life is where heart is and the best in a man is seen when he follows his heart.”